The service's advantages

Transparency, safety, simplicity, cost-effective: these are the strengths that the Compliance scheme puts at the disposal of its Members.

2,200 companies have chosen Remedia, that is why we are the first national multi-sector compliance scheme, managing over 90,000 tons of e-waste per year throughout Italy.

Thanks to these figures, Remedia has the capacity to exploit high economies of scale guaranteeing operational efficiency and recycling optimization.

Remedia invests in research and innovation to maximize the recycling rate and the value of the waste managed by the Compliance scheme. We currenly recycle over 90% of the total weight of WEEE, without compromising on the treatment quality. Remedia is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified compliance scheme and boasts over 99% collection punctuality.

All this translates into:

  • Regulatory and operational support
    Remedia Members can rely at any time on a dedicated call centre, providing regulatory and procedural assistance in a qualified and timely manner.
  • Competitive costs
    Thanks to the large volumes handled, Remedia ensures optimization in the management of WEEE and Batteries, while minimising costs
  • Financing versatility
    Possibility to choose between the Visible Fee and Built-in Fee financing models.
  • Assistance at european level
    Remedia is a co-founder of WEEE Europe, a company that groups together the leading European Compliance Schemes to provide qualified and uniform assistance to Producers.
  • Transparency
    Through the General Members’ Meeting, Remedia provides exhaustive information on the management and operating performance of the Compliance scheme and annually publishes the operating results and environmental performance in its Green Economy Report.

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