Management and recycling of WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators

The Compliance scheme provides effective and safe solutions for the management and recycling of WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators, to ensure the environmentally sustainable management of e-waste.

Although we speak of ‘waste disposal’, this term is in fact inappropriate for the activities performed by Remedia as our first mission is indeed to recycle, with the aim to not only reduce the use of landfills where waste is disposed, but also to maximize the recovery of secondary raw materials, ready for reuse in production cycles while fully respecting the circular economy.

This constant commitment has led to excellent operating results, above those provided for by law. In fact, on average, Remedia achieves a recycling rate of over 88% and only 8% of waste is disposed by thermal treatment or in landfills. This is the guarantee we offer to our Members, accountable for meeting the recovery targets imposed by the legislation.

Remedia group ensures for all categories of WEEE (as envisaged by Legislative Decree 49/14) – both from household and non-household sources, spent Batteries and Accumulators (as prescribed by Legislative Decree 188/2008), the collection and management in full compliance with current legislation through an excellent operating model (VRS®).

On behalf of its Members, Remedia collects household WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators from over 2,500 municipal collection points throughout Italy, with 98% punctuality.

As regards non-household WEEE, as envisaged by legislation, Remedia collects the waste from the customers of member Producers and ensures that it is properly managed through the:

    • COLLECTION from the customer’s premises
    • TRANSPORTATION with authorized carriers from the customer's premises to the nearest of the 30 treatment plants certified by Remedia
    • TREATMENT of e-waste for its efficient and safe reuse and recycling, thanks to an excellent operating model (VRS® ​​- Value Recycling System)

Remedia provides logistic planning and a centralized customer service, namely a traceability system for monitoring transport, and supplies all the documentation required by the legislation in force (e.g. Document Identifying the Refusal and/or Sistri - Waste traceability control form).


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