Remedia is a not-for-profit compliance scheme established by and for Producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), Batteries and Accumulators that offers its Members the assurance of regulatory compliance for the management of all categories of household and non-household WEEE, spent Batteries and Accumulators.

By joining Remedia, Producers of EEE and Batteries and Accumulators can find an excellent partner to be relied on with the assurance to fulfil all regulatory requirements, in a simple, cost-effective and safe way.

First of all, the main services available to Producers:

  • End-of-life management of EEE and regulatory compliance: household and non-household WEEE management services intended for manufacturing companies in order to comply with the requirements of Legislative Decree 49/14;
  • WEEE Representative in Italy for Companies having no offices or permanent establishment in Italy. To support Foreign Producers interested in joining Remedia and fulfilling italian WEEE Decree, we set a partnership with Eco Legal Counsel Sas.
  • Personalised support: dedicated contact centre, regulatory consultancy and assistance with all activities required by law. Remedia offers its Members free registration and the sending of the annual communications to the EEE Register;
  • Updates and Training: ongoing information on the latest regulatory changes and developments in the WEEE, exhausted Batteries and Accumulators sectors, end of life Photovoltaic Installations;
  • Reporting: information on the results achieved in terms of volumes handled, percentage of recycling and environmental and financial performance relating to both Remedia and to each single member;
  • Tools: communication and dissemination tools to testify with Remedia the commitment towards the protection of the environment.

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CONSORZIO REMEDIA - Gestione del trasporto, trattamento e riciclo dei rifiuti tecnologici - Via Messina, 38 - 20154 Milano - Tel +39.0234594611

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