WEEE obligations for e-commerce

Legislative Decree 49/2014 obliges also e-commerce companies, that through their websites place for the first time on the market electronic products and home appliances, to meet the same requirements as EEE producers:

  • register with the National Register of EEE Producers
  • contribute to finance the management of electronic waste (WEEE) in accordance with legislative provisions
  • ensure the free take-back service on a one-for-one basis of the old product equivalent to that purchased by consumers on the website.

With Remedia, operating in full compliance is SIMPLE, SAFE and COST-EFFECTIVE.

Furthermore Remedia is a partner of Netcomm, the Italian electronic commerce compliance scheme and Italian leader in the management of WEEE. In addition, Remedia is a member of WEEE Europe, to offer a complete and integrated solution throughout the European Union.

For further information, write to, stating in the subject header ‘INFO ON ONLINE SALES’

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