Why choose Remedia

Consorzio Remedia is a compliance scheme for the management of WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators, regarded as one the most authoritative and renowned at national and European level.

Remedia provides effective services for the management of e-waste in accordance with the highest quality standards and operational efficiency, guaranteeing the maximum level of safety to its member companies. The Compliance scheme is also constantly searching for new value-added solutions in order to optimise waste management in compliance with the law.

To guarantee the full compliance of its activities, Remedia is committed to make its results transparent with maximum disclosure and professional integrity by publishing a report certified by third party organizations on the environmental benefits deriving from its recycling activities.

Remedia Members are all companies producing electrical and electronic equipment, Batteries and Accumulators, operating throughout the national territory that must fulfil the regulatory requirements of Legislative Decree 49/2014 related to WEEE and Legislative Decree 188/08 on Batteries and Accumulators.

More than 1,500 companies have already chosen Remedia for its reliability, the excellent standard of the services provided, the continuous improvements towards innovation and the role played by the Compliance scheme in the progress towards the environmentally sustainable management of e-waste in Italy.


The Consortium is a not-for-profit organization and represents over 2,300 Producers of EEE/Batteries.


Over 149,000 tons of e-waste managed in 2019, with an average recovery rate of 88%.


Remedia is a member of WEEE Forum, WEEELABEX, Eucobat, MOTUS-E and co-founder of WEEE Europe.


Development of projects to maximize the collection rate and enhance the value of waste.

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