The network


Trade associations and federations in the sector stand alongside Remedia in its work. 
The role of the Consortium in the system is bolstered thanks to the force of representation given by important organisations that bring together small, medium, and large-scale Italian firms involved in the business of handling end-of-life WEEE, batteries and accumulators as operated by Remedia.

Anie (National Federation of Electro-technical and Electronic ), which is a member of the Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria),  Andec (National Association of Importers and Producers of Electronics for Civil Use), Ancad (Association of Sellers of Dental Items), Ascomut (Association of Dealers in Machine Tools) Assogiocattoli (firms in the toy sectors), Assorologi (producers and distributors of Clocks), Assoprom (Association of Producers and Distributors of Advertising and Promotional Items), Dismamusica (Musical Instruments), and Unidi (National Union of Italian Dental Firms).


In addition, Remedia is a member of the WEEE Forum (, a not-for-profit organisation that embraces the leading European Collective Compliance Schemes. 
The exchange of views at international level has always been a major factor in developing WEEE handling in Italy and Europe.



Remedia is among the founders of WEEE Europe, a joint venture of European take-back systems.

Aim of WEEE Europe is the creation of an uniform quality standard for the management of WEEE without national fronteers.



The security that comes from proper management is matched by the certainty of excellent treatment. Remedia works exclusively with the best processing centres nationally - those able to guarantee high quality standards and the use of state-of-the-art plant, especially for achieving high levels of material recovery and environmental safety.

The Remedia Qualified Partner program singles out only treatment plants with the very highest environmental and recovery performance. 
The partners of Remedia cooperate in periodic detailed audits and treatment tests on given lots of electronic waste and they invest in the continual upgrading of their capability to make hazardous WEEE safe and in material recycling procedures.

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