Remedia launches an educational video to explain in a simple way the circular economy

These days, the Italian President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has issued the four legislative decrees of the Circular Economy package, which transpose the European directives on waste with the aim of promoting an increasingly circular economic model. The next step will be the publication in the Official Gazette and after - once deadlines expire - they will officially enter into force.

With this in mind, Remedia is ready to do its part to sensitize citizens on the importance of environmental issues. In conjunction with the entry into force of the new law, the Consortium publishes a new educational video entitled "Circular economy: an opportunity called future", which wants to educate on a topic, such as that of the circular economy, which is very widespread among insiders, but still unclear and incomplete for citizens.



Read here the video translation.

The video is available on the website dedicated to citizens ( and on the social channels of the Consortium and is part of the communication campaign that Remedia has been carrying out since a long time for the dissemination of good practices. Therefore, the clip follows the same direction of other ones: "How to recycle WEEE" and "Exhausted batteries: small waste, big heart" created last year, confirming Remedia's real commitment to spread a green culture capable of changing the existing paradigm and to strengthen the image of waste not only as waste, but as a resource for the entire System, starting from the technological waste in our homes and in our lives.

Recycling should be a well-established custom, but not everyone knows it also applies to technological products (appliances, smartphones, PCs, batteries and accumulators, etc.) which, if collected and treated correctly, can be recycled, giving life to new resources. And it is precisely recycling that is the basis of the circular economic model, a necessary change that must involve governments, businesses and citizens and which consists of a new way of designing, creating, using and reusing again, so to give life to a business model capable of regenerating on its own, without consequences for the Planet.

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