Flat Screen

The Remedia Flat Screen project is part of a broader undertaking, the HYDROWEEE project led by the "High Tech Recycling" centre of Aquila University and La Sapienza University and aimed at developing hydrometallurgical treatment for the recovery of metals from WEEE (for example from electronic chips, from batteries and accumulators, and from CRTs and Flat Screens).

Remedia, as the HYDROWEEE "Corresponding Member", has led the research and the effort to evaluate innovative technologies for treating TVs and Flat Screen monitors (Plasma and LCD).
The work of developing and validating the process was undertaken on a joint exchange basis with the two universities and entailed numerous pilot trials. The new technology for treating TVs and Flat Screen monitors and the scope for recovery that could be obtained, were officially unveiled during "Going Green Care Innovation 2010" in Vienna.

The project also includes the construction of a new-technology travelling plant at Relight S.r.l. and further synergy and qualitative improvement between the partners of the Remedia network.

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