The first European Urban Mine Platform has been launched

Every year, around 9 million tons of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is generated in Europe, as well as 7-8 million tons of end-of-life vehicles and more than 1 million tons of Batteries are sold. These products contain a significant amount of critical raw materials that can be recovered, from precious metals to rare earths. Currently, the European Union imports most of these raw materials, so the sharing of structured data on the quantities, trends and recycling flows can be an important resource for improving the procurement process of critical raw materials.

Against this background, in 2015, the ProSUM project has delivered the first free European-wide Urban Mine Platform (UMP): i.e. a web portal based on a centralized and updated database that provides data on the entire life cycle of mineral resources, from extraction to the end-of-life of products containing them, for all 28 EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland.

Remedia has participated in this project as a Linked Third Party (LTP) of WEEE Forum, the not-for-profit profit association that since 2002 groups together 34 organizations of WEEE producers in Europe and throughout the world. In particular, the Compliance scheme performed a strategic function in the role of data provider, contributing to the construction of the database with regard to WEEE, cooperating also in activities for the dissemination of the results achieved, and the promotion of the platform, in addition to testing activities of the same for the finalization of this important tool.

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