How to recycle

Proper recycling of photovoltaic plant

The photovoltaic industry continues to grow - a new opportunity that entails the need to think about photovoltaic plant when it reaches its end-of-life stage.   The fact is, photovoltaic plant contains a very high percentage of materials that can be recovered and reused in new products and offers undoubted economic as well as environmental advantages.

ReMedia has created a system that guarantees the recycling of photovoltaic plant at the end of its operating life by developing and coordinating its collection, transport, recovery, and recycling.  In doing so, its guiding tenets have been responsibility,  efficiency, and operational excellence while having regard to environmental legislation and to the interest of its member producers and importers.

Producers and importers that are members of the ReMedia recycling system fulfil the obligations imposed on them by paragraph 6, article 11 of the Ministerial Decree of 5th May 2011and any subsequent obligations as might be introduced by European Directives and by the respective national legislation, in that ReMedia is committed to complying with those obligations.