The Consortium

ReMedia - a force in the WEEE-handling sector


ReMedia is a leading Italian compliance scheme that handles Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) as well as end-of-life batteries and accumulators.


ReMedia directly represents the firms shouldering the legal duties relating to WEEE, batteries, and accumulators and it gives form to the environmental commitment of over 1400 members - firms that produce consumer electronic equipment, small and large electrical domestic appliances, computer and telecommunications equipment, air-conditioning apparatus, toys, medical and monitoring and control devices, musical instruments, batteries and accumulators.

In addition many firms that are users of such equipment have turned to ReMedia to handle their electrical and electronic waste.


The activity of ReMedia


For all product categories indicated in the legislation on WEEE (legislative decree 49/2014) - both household WEEE (B2C) and non-household WEEE (B2B) - and in the legislation on batteries (legislative decree 188/2008), ReMedia guarantees transport and treatment services in accordance with a top-level operating model (VRS ®) based the Consortium's integrated quality and environment system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).


The trust shown by the firms that have chosen ReMedia is confirmed in the results achieved.  With over 67,000 tonnnes of WEEE handled in 2016, Remedia is prominent in the recycling of WEEE products and is a leader both on the basis of the high percentage of materials obtained from technological waste, which reached 92% in 2016, and for the level of service given to municipal authorities (punctuality rate over 99% in 2016).