WEEE and On line sales

Legislative Decree 49/2014 obliges e-commerce companies that sell electronic products and home appliances on their websites to meet the following requirements:


1. subscribe to the National Register of EEE Producers

2. contributing to the financing of electronic waste management (WEEE) in accordance with the provisions of the Law

3. ensure the "one to one" take back of old products equivalent to those purchased by consumers on your website


How to make it possible in an EASY, SAFE and CONVENIENT way?


The answer is: "with Remedia", the go to collective scheme c for e-commerce companies, partner of Netcomm and leader in Italy in WEEE management. In addition, Remedia is a member of WEEE Europe to ensure a complete and integrated solution across the European Union.


Ask for more info at info@consorzioremedia.it, writing in the  object "INFO ON LINE SALES"